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Shark Reef aquarium in Las Vegas is home to more than 2,000 animals. Thisincludes sawfish, endangered green turtles, the sharp teeth of the piranha and the jellyfish and a golden crocodile which is quite rare. If the primary attractions below are too exciting, you can amble around the aquarium and marvel at the amount of water and all the creatures that live there.

Shark Reef Aquarium is introducing their latest exhibit – the world premiere of Polar Journey, An Interactive Adventure. It might only be open for a limited time, so checking before arrival is advisable.

Feeding Time

It is not very often you get fish in the middle of Las Vegas so you might as well take advantage and help with the feeding of them. There are 3 distinct feeding that is done, and although not as dangerous as the others, the Stingray feed is extra special as you get to venture inside the aquarium before the doors are open to the public.

Although the feeding time is only an hour, you get the early entry and a guided tour through the exhibits by one of the in-house experts. Then you have the exclusive chance to feed the rays and the horseshoe crabs. You also get admission to the Shark Reef Aquarium.

The second is the shark feeding, and if you have ever wondered how they eat, this will show you first hand. Our expert Aquarists will teach you how and what the sharks eat. How it’s prepared, and how they feed them. If that was notenough, you could help to feed a few of the Zebra sharks.

Last of not least is the sea turtles. They have to be fed same as all the others. This is personal and exclusive, and you get to go above the 1.3 million gallon tank covering the old shipwreck. From here you get to feed the 300-poundsea turtles that come up for their lunch.


Polar Journey in Las Vegas, NV

The latest attraction at Shark Reef in Las Vegas is the Polar Journey. Now you can venture into the unknown (ice in the desert?). The journey is fully interactive and gives you a chance to view the earth’s Polar Regions and the animals that well in the icy lands. You are treated to 8 interactive scenes where you see films, robotic penguins a simulated ice flow and a CGI film with motion simulators that give you a full of icy experience.

If you really want to risk it all, you can swim with the sharks (over 30) of all breeds. This 3 to 4-hour experience not only takes up half of your day, but you also get a video of your experience. Try this in the wild, and you might not be making it back home for supper.


Mandalay Bay

Shark Reef Aquarium is just one of the features of Mandalay Bay, so if you have had enough of swimming with sharks or feeding the turtles, you can spend some time in the eleven-acre swimming pool or take a trip to the House of Blues. Let the music feed your soul or visit one of the many restaurants. Moreover,on top the night off before venturing to the Light Nightclub you can attend the MJ One show by Cirque de Soleil.

The show has no end of “WOW” moments and is one you will not forget. An evening full of dance, visuals, and world-class acrobatics. With real surround sound, you will never have heard or seen Michael Jackson perform anything like this.

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