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Sewage Clean Up

Sewage backup circumstances pose many issues around the home including emotional and financial stress not to mention the cleaning that will follow. We can assist you with any kind of sewage backup restoration services which you require.

Sewage Backup: Causes and Solutions

A sewage backup mostly occurs from defective plumbing. Our professional sewage backup teams always check for any damaged water pipes in the course of our inspections.

Our Las Vegas sewage clean up employees say these are the chief causes of sewage backup:

hazmat suit for sewage cleanup Las Vegas NV 89130
  • Flushing nonsoluble materials
  • Not having your plumbing checked on a regular basis.
  • Lack of a sewage backflow valve pressure
  • Flooded sewers from heavy rain
  • Pipes damaged by tree roots

Sewage backup can occur for various reasons, and Elite Water Damage Las Vegas can eliminate them all.

If you have questions on what you are able to flush, how to install a backflow valve or the best way to avoid roots damaging your plumbing system, our sewage backup experts can help.

“We never knew how many problems an overflowing toilet would cause. A mop and bucket just wouldn’t cut it. Thank god for Elite Water Damage Las Vegas, they got us cleaned up and back in the dry in no time.”

– M Taylor (Las Vegas North)

Details of a Sewage Backup Cleanup

After your home is invaded by black water, all residents are exposed to the dangers of sewage contamination and contracting a number of deadly diseases. Cleaning up raw sewage is not the healthiest or nicest things to do.

As a professional company, we always put the customer first, and have many experts on standby who are available to react within minutes. Our teams use the latest extraction equipment to clean your premises from any category three or black water disaster.

Our highly skilled teams also thoroughly sanitize all affected areas as sewage is riddled with bacteria and E Coli. They also ensure there is no chance of contamination, and all odors have been dispersed. As a precaution to themselves, all of our skilled teams use full hazmat gear when handling black water.

Older houses are more susceptible to suffer from plumbing leaks as pipes from the 1900s were constructed of cast iron and clay. These are susceptible to damage as they are not as durable as more modern equivalents.

sewage clean up Las Vegas NV 89130

Our Sewage Backup Cleanup Services

To provide our services for an affordable price, we work alongside all major insurance companies even for homes that have old infrastructures such as this.

Our Las Vegas sewage backup cleanup teams can alleviate any category three water issues you find yourself with and are available 24/7 for an immediate response. For many years we have helped the residents around the local communities with many problems of this nature.

Being fully bonded, licensed and insured for all of our specialist services, you can feel safe you are in the best possible hands available.

If you have a burst pipe or overflowing toilet, we can have one of our experts with you in the shortest possible time. No water damage job is too big or small for us to handle. We go direct to the source of the problem and fix it immediately.

Whether you have a problem in your home or business, a quick call our water damage professionals for any emergency sewage clean up, or to schedule any of our professional services, and we can assist you immediately.

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