Flood Damage Las Vegas

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Many homes can become affected by this sort of catastrophe when least expected. In times of heavy rain and flash floods occur this water finds its way into any area that stands in its way. Las Vegas flood damage can happen when a home or business is located in an area that just channels water into the property. This property can even be on the side of a slope. Water doesn’t care where it goes,and flood damage Las Vegas homes face increases more each year with the effects of global warming.


Flood Damage Cleanup Services

All employees from Elite Water Damage Las Vegas are experienced in all forms of water extraction and cleanup services in Las Vegas and flood-affected areas around Nevada. With a rapid response needed we are available 24/7 for any cleanup operation that is necessaryfor your flooded home or business.

There is much more than removing water when an area becomes flooded as flood damage will require specialist drying of the area and specialist cleaning of many objects.


What Type Of Water Is Flood Water?

Flood water causes all sorts of problems. It is not black water yet it is not grey water. It would be classed as muddy water,and that is precisely what it could be. Mud and dirt would be collected from flood water when it is from the rain, this stains and taints everything it touches. Watermarks are not only the water level that has been reached, but these flood damage marks will also leave a ring of mud, and anything lower than this level could be the same muddy color.


In-Home Floods

This is a very different type of flood and causes very different flood damage which could be more costly even if the water is clean. Elite Water Damage Las Vegas has seen burst pipes in homes and businesses on upper floors and have not been noticed immediately. No matter how many storiesare in the property flood water will flow and damage everything it touches as it runs to the floor below it.

Our highly skilled water extraction teams have helped many homes over the years when this has happened. Ceilings have collapsed underwater weight,and basements have become knee deep in water. Water cleanup to this degree takes time especially in drying the flood water from your Las Vegas home.

Renovations are likely,and our skilled teams have all the skills to not just remove flood water but to also remove and repair any areas that have become damaged beyond repair or have the risk of mold forming. No matter what size flood you have experienced. We feel it is our responsibility to get you to give us that all-important call before your flood damage becomes much worse and more than you are able to handle.

A mop and bucket can help yet it is far from what is needed to correct any Las Vegas flood damage in your property.