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Elite Water Damage Henderson Nevada

Each water restoration around the Henderson area has its own challenges for flooded businesses and homes. With the local knowledge and understanding of Elite Water Damage Las Vegas, we can help. We present you with a 24/7 contact service with dedicated teams standing by to assist you.


Let Us Help with Flood Clean Ups

Any type of flood is horrendous for businesses and homes alike. You face damages that run into thousands from personal belongings to stock on your store floor. If you have a severe flood, the crucial thing is turning the mains off and contacting our hotline for assistance. Our expert flood team will help minimize the damage on the property in no time. Whether it be a broken pike, slab leak, leaky roof, or flooded basement, we can fix the problem.

A Lending Hand with Water Damage Clean Ups

The worst scenario any property owner can face is water damage from white to dirty water. There are three distinct categories, all requiring fast action with a professional water removal service. The simplest cleanup is white water caused by a burst pipe. Get our experts to perform a quick cleanup now.


Do you have a greywater concern containing silt and sludge from dishwashers and other appliances? Elite Water Damage in Henderson can help with removing fat and food particles with standing water.

Once removed, you will need someone to give your affected fixtures and furnishings a professional cleaning.

Let Us Take Care of Your Sewage Damage

The worst possible scenario is sewage damage and very dangerous making it the hardest to clean. With a black water flood, you need professional help, and attempting to clean it yourself isn’t the best recommendation. Our team is skilled in cleaning it up for you using safety equipment to protect them.


Whether the toilet is overflowing from a broken pipe or even heavy rains, it can make its way into your living space. For you, this poses a health risk in your business or home and needs to be taken care of immediately. Our process involves using cleaning and sterilization to make sure your valuables are bacteria-free.

Get a 24-Hour Service

Elite Water Damage Las Vegas provides a 24-hour service for any water leak concern. Our professionals are well placed to reach in the shortest time possible. No matter the hour of the day or night, we are on call to help. As soon as you notice, a leak prevents significant flood damage by turning off the mains and contacting us today.